January 11, 2022

How Does Laundry Delivery Service Work?

Love it or hate it, laundry takes a significant amount of time to do. These days, it seems like everyone could use more free time, so outsourcing one of the more time-consuming chores like laundry can be a lifesaver! If it’s your first time using a wash and fold service, you may be wondering how it works and what you can expect!

What is Wash and Fold Service?

Wash and fold (some call it fluff and fold) service has been around for a long time. First popular in metropolitan cities and offered in most laundromats, wash and fold service is simple: bring your dirty clothes in to have them washed, dried, and folded for you. 

From grocery and restaurant delivery to mobile car detailing, on-demand services surged in popularity. Laundry service is a perfect addition to these conveniences that are making life a little easier for people everywhere. Offering pickup and delivery for laundry service allows busy parents, professionals, or those in need of a helping hand to enjoy clean laundry without having to leave their house or spend time folding! 

woman folding pile of clothes at home

Laundry Made Easier

Many traditional laundromats offer wash and fold service, however, you are required to drive your items to the facility, wait for them to be processed, and then go back and collect your items. 

With an online pickup and delivery service, you simply create an account on the website or app. You can then place an order by choosing your pickup date and laundry preferences. A driver will collect your items, process your laundry, and return your items to your door–clean and ready to wear. 

What to Expect for Your First Order

How do I prepare my laundry?

When you’re gathering your laundry, you don’t need to worry about sorting your clothing ahead of time. Funky to Fresh will separate your clothing into lights, darks, and whites. If you have delicates that you would like washed separately, we recommend putting those in a separate bag with a note attached. Remove any dry clean only items or items that you do not want put through a washing machine. We recommend putting your laundry into kitchen trash bags or paper bags. We cannot bring hampers with us in our vehicles due to limited space, so our driver will transfer any clothing left in a hamper into one of our laundry bags before taking your items. 

Special Requests

Are you a Tide loyalist? Do you want fabric softener or bleach? All of your preferences can be selected during checkout or you can add a note to your bag. We want your laundry to be exactly the way you like it.

Do I need to be home 

You do not need to be home for your scheduled pickup or delivery. Most of our pickups and dropoffs are contactless with customers choosing to leave their clothes out for their driver. Please include any notes on where to collect your clothes (e.g., left side of porch, next to garage, at the concierge desk), please include those in your order notes. This will ensure that your pickups and deliveries are successful. One of our drivers will reach out if there is any issue with collecting your laundry. Once your laundry is in our hands, you’ll get text message updates throughout the process. 

How do most people use Funky to Fresh?

Just like grocery or restaurant delivery services, some people use them often and others keep it limited to special occasions. Most customers have decided to outsource their laundry in order to make more time for their family or work. These families use the service weekly, so their laundry is always done and they never have to worry about having clean clothes. Other customers place an order occasionally after things pile up or they’ve had a hectic month. There are also customers who only send in large items like comforters because their own washer and dryer are too small. 

We recommend giving it a test run to see how you like it. Whether you become a weekly customer or we see you once a year, we’ll be happy to do your laundry for you! 

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